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I'm not really sure why I created this journal. I guess it's because I didn't want to be called as a troll when I join the communities that I've been lurking in for the past couple of years...

Nothing much going on at the moment. I'm at work and I'm listening to Pandora. I love it! It's pretty much the best invention ever. I have so many channels and love finding new music. I'm not really a person who is OMGMUSICIKNOWEVERYBANDANDI"MSOCOOL. Never have been, never will be. I just like to listen to it. It makes me happy.

I'm having a difficult time eating at the moment. I made myself eat a snack, but for some reason I'm just not wanting to stick to ANY of my exchanges.... :-/

Oh! Nikki Blonski has a new sitcom! I love her and the postive message she sends. Even though her weight can't be healthy. I think she's bigger then she was in Hairspray... I only wish I could be has happy as she. Apperently is.
Back to the previous subject. I think it's because I have to be fitted for my nursing school uniform on Friday and my weight is hovering right above a goal I have. I'm going to Kennywood on July 11th again. I don't want it to be a repeat of last week. If I lose just a few more pounds and trim down my hips and thighs then I'll be able to get thru it. I hope. I'll just have to remember that I'm doing this for me, and not just to fit in society. I also want to be sure that I fit into the ride seats. I will NOT go back to how I was before. I was so disgusting. I'm less disjusting now. I hope. I don't think I am though... I really just depressed myself.  

Weird Al is awesome.




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