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I slept for 15 hours last night. O_O I guess I was a little tired. I should've been because I got maybe 12 hours of sleep over the previous 5 days. I work far too much. I have no idea what to do with myself if I'm not working though. I don't really relax ever. Constant motion, constant energy. It's how I survive.

So! I had orientation yesterday and had to get fitted for my clinical uniforms. It did not go well. I decided to not order them but to go to the store and pick them up when I had a chance to calm down some. It was embarrassing having to try to things on in front of other people. It was super embarrassing eating in front of other people. When will I get over myself? Really? I'm so tired of everything in my life having to revolve around my eating disorder/depression and I just want to BE. I want to live my life on good terms with myself.

Oh! We get a free iPod touch with all our clinical references downloaded on it. Pretty sweet!

My gallbladder hates me. I have to start the gallbladder "diet" today and I don't want to! I have to cut almost all carbs, fats, dairy, and some fruits and vegetables out of my life. Good god. it's basically eating beets and cucumbers all day. A wanna's dream diet that is, but I didn't just go through 3 months of inpatient and PHP treatment to be forced to restrict my food. icky icky icky.



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